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THE PALE OF MEMORY by Peter Halsey Sherwood (iUniverse; On Sale: September 7, 2012; $13.95 USD) is a suspenseful, bracing novel set in a mid-90's Manhattan still hovered over by a dreadful affliction. What starts out as a caper in which the Hardy Boys themselves might have embarked upon turns into a reckless mission of obsession that evolves into a dangerous love affair with dire consequences. From the perspective of a voyeur, the reader peeks into the world of the questionable protagonist, a young man named Scott or ‘Scotty’ to his friends, as he attempts to hide his secrets and transform a new lover in an ultimately futile effort to recreate the past. In a swirling pool of lies amongst all of the characters, nothing is what it seems at first as perceptions are revealed and confronted with haunting vigor. As the reader discovers through Scott's slowly exposed mania, his life has been one stained by a curious, confusing past that eventually brings THE PALE OF MEMORY to a devastating crescendo.


About The Author

Peter Halsey Sherwood is currently the dining editor for Next magazine, a weekly print and online publication, where he writes a restaurant review column that also features New York City's best food and drink recipes from its finest chefs and bartenders. In 2010, he was published in Foodista’s Best of Food Blogs Cookbook, with a personal recipe chosen from his food blog, EveningsWithPeter.com. He toiled as web editor for industry leader Interior Design magazine for several years and has also written for New York magazine, Travel & Leisure, and Woman’s Day. Peter is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, also studied voice and theater in London at Regent’s College and the Royal Academy of Music. the pale of memory is his first novel and he is currently putting the touching finishes on a second project.


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